Tutorial : Putting the system together

Connection Diagram for Both Controllers

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For Residents with Android Phones (Optional)For Residents with Apple iPhones (Optional)

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Hardware Required per Entrance (Supports either a Door or a Gate)

System Options7" Textured7" Stainless10" Textured10" StainlessPre-Assembled 10"7" Indoor
Product Image
Total Cost Per Entry Using the Parts List Below 
(Plus Tax & Shipping)
$173 $257 $243 $327 $599 $299
7" Screen Size      
10" Screen Size      
Lock and Key is Included
USB Powered Speakers    
Steel with Rust Proof Coating        
Marine Grade Stainless Steel      
Parts ListPurchase From Below Product Links (clicking on the logo will open a new window to the product)
Bluetooth Relay
Ready to Mount
Pre-assembled kit



Ready to Mount
Pre-assembled kit


($79 ~ $135)

Optional Accessories
(Compatible with any of the above enclosures)
Product ImagesPurchase Link
Custom Printed 1/4" Acrylic or Aluminum Frame Covers
Provide Your Own Graphics
Metalic Hood - Beige
Metalic Hood - Stainless Steel
Thin Film Heaters - 3" Diameter 12 Volt
For locations colder than 32F / 0C
Programmable Thermometer Relay - 12 Volt
-58°F ~ 248°F / -50°C ~ 120°C
For Controlling Resident Only Common Areas and Using the Cashless Vending Feature
Sister ProductProduct ImagesPurchase Link
Single Entry WiFi Access Controller
Based on Raspberry Pi
Cloud Managed
Works with any Wiegand Compatible RFID Reader

Optional Accessories
(Compatible with above Single Entry WiFi Controller)
Product ImagesPurchase Link
Polycarbonate Weatherproof Enclosure
5.1 x 5.1 x 2.95 Inches (H x W x D)
UL NEMA 1/4/4x/6/12 and 13
HID R10 Short Range RFID Reader
For smart key cards and key fobs
Read range up to 1 inch
HID RP10 Short Range RFID / Bluetooth / NFC Reader
For smart key cards and key fobs and smartphones
Read range up to 1 inch (cards and fobs)
Read range up to 10 feet (smart phones)
HID U90 Long Range RFID Reader
For vehicle gates
Read range up to 16 feet

Additional Requirements

  1. All Tablets and Raspberry Pi require access to the Internet via WiFi
  2. Constant electric power to the tablet and Raspberry Pi via Micro USB.
  3. 12V power for the Bluetooth relay, any electric strike, magnetic lock, RFID readers, and gate operators.
  4. Active paid account for the community on this website

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